Hello November…

In November 2018, I made it to goal. It was a big deal I remember hugging everyone in my WW meeting. I was so thrilled and even though I am not at that goal weight currently, I still feel really good. I feel good for some important reasons:

  1. Control – I have a sense of control over my weight loss journey
  2. Energy – I am able to move through the world as I want
  3. Confidence – I feel good about myself because I believe in me
  4. Reflection – Good days/hard days are all opportunities to learn
  5. Connection – Body/mind connection being responsive not reactive to the ups and downs of a weight loss journey

I am not trying to say that I’ve got any of this all figured out. If you read my blog over the past few weeks you’d know that is not the case. However, I’d rather be dealing with my issues than being oblivious. This is better. So no matter what the scale says, I’m proud of myself and what I was able to do this week for me.