Day Three Hundred Twenty-Four…

Today started very early and is ending late. I began the day at 5:15 am spin, worked until 12:20 pm came home and began writing lessons. I took a little break to bicycle up to my local IGA Grocery Store to pick up a couple items for dinner. I came home to cook, eat, clean up and then went right back to writing.

Words of Wisdom

At one point I was toying with the idea of having a second Enlighted Bar. Then I did something new. I spoke back to interior voice, and I soon learned that I didn’t really want another, I just wanted a little comfort. That’s a big victory for me.

It turns out I will have to go to WeightWatchers a day earlier. So as I reflect on my week, I can say, I’m happy with my effort.  I am doing my best and my best is good enough. More tomorrow.

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