Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two…

There is something so meaningful about starting something and seeing it through to the end. I set a goal to blog every day for the duration of one school year. Tomorrow is the final day of that goal. Amazing.

As I reflect on all that has changed for me since I began I realize that I:

  • have lost 82.4 pounds. That’s equivalent to 2 four-year-olds!
  • can workout at a very high intensity during spin class for the entire class!
  • can wear all of my old clothes that have not fit in YEARS! (except for one pair of Guess jeans I haven’t worn since I was 17).
  • enjoy plain Greek Yogurt (really and truly).
  • am more mindful and reflective than I have ever been before.
  • regard myself as a bonafide writer, I live a writer’s life.

People see me and ask me how I did this incredibly difficult thing. I can tell, they long to do it too. It makes me wish I could just whisper the secret in their ears and then it would all work out. I have actively stopped saying “It’s a lot of work.” The thing is, it’s not that – “It’s valuing myself as much as I do everyone else.” I imagine that sounds phony to others but it’s really the truth. I deserve a few minutes to pack my lunch and weigh out my yogurt if that’s what it takes.  I deserve some time to myself at a spin class before going to work. That time is for me self-caring for me and I matter too.

Words of Wisdom

So do you, you matter. Find out what you love and do that for yourself. If you want to lose weight take time to get to know yourself. Love yourself and you can still eat the food you enjoy. Find a community and be part of it be there for others and they will be there for you. I hope my words reach you because I understand what it is to long for change, and to have change feel so out of reach. You can do this, just committ.

I will not reach GOAL tomorrow and that’s ok. This was never really about a number it was about realizing my self-worth. More tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two…

  1. Wow! I feel like I am currently where you once were. I do long for change, but I feel it is so out of reach. Your words are inspirational. Thank you.

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