Day Two Hundred Ninety-Five…

It is my 29th Wedding Anniversary and our daughters’ (twins) 20th Birthday today. So this is a day to celebrate. I began the day going to spin class and had an awesome workout! I am feeling very fit and happy.

This makes me happy.

Living my life on plan makes it possible to work towards my weight loss goals and still eat regular food. I’m just more aware of what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and my levels of satisfaction during and after eating. I’m also careful not to get too hungry. When I write this down, it looks so simple but it isn’t. It has taken me a long time to learn this and to be able to practice it.

The thing is I now know that change is possible.  Once I began believing in myself and taking a positive stance with this process everything shifted. This is true for me, and it can be true for you too. If this is something you want for yourself, don’t wait. Starting is the hardest part, and that is ok. You get this one life, so live it in the best, healthiestd body you can imagine for yourself. You are worth the energy it takes, don’t overthink it just start small and stay consistent. Find some support and build a positive community of others who will encourage you and then be there for them. Find the joy and treat yourself with kindness because change happens on the inside first, and it takes a while to show up on the outside but watch out when it does it feels pretty incredible. You got this.