Day Two Hundred Seventy-Nine…

I went to the movies with my family tonight. We enjoyed the show, and had some fun together. At one point, I looked over at my son and daughter and saw them laughing at something together and that made me very happy. I sat comfortably in my seat holding my husband’s hand and it struck me how confortable I was. I snacked on pistacios and drank seltzer, not popcorn, candy, and soda. I didn’t miss it.

Words of wisdom

I am thinking about how much distraction food can cause. I takes you out of yourself and puts your focus on, well, food. However, it also brings us closer together. There is something so special about coming together around a table to share a good meal. On the other hand, it’s not only the food it’s the people who are seated around the table that make these times so special.  It’s complicated. i am looking forward to my meeting tomorrow. I feel like I lost weight and I am that more closer to to goal.