Day Two Hundred Seventy-Seven…

I was reading my Weekly today, and it was encouraging us to get more outdoor activity. That started me thinking about how long it was into the journey beforeI began going back to spin classes. The beautiful part about blogging every day is that it gives you a record of your life! So I typed spinning into the search bar, and low and behold: Day Two… came up. I reread the post and was amazed!


On the second day of my journey, it was the day before the start of school and I was dreaming about losing 80 pounds. The school year is practically over and I am down 79.2 pounds! I’m not at goal, it seems that to be a healthy weight I still have about 23 pounds to go. I am definately rounding the track and I feel so good about where I am right now.  I’m wearing clothes that I never really believed would fit me, I have a lot of energy and am feeling strong. How did this happen to me?

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.15.29 PM

When I reread Day Two… I noticed that I had a very good perspective. I was positive and very self motivated. I surrounded myself with research that suppored my good attitude. I was reflective about my choices. I think it’s a good idea to revisit times when things were running soothly. I also think it’s a good idea to revisit rough times too so tha tyou remember that you were able to overcome them. Writing helps all of this because when you write you are bearing witness to your own life. Writing has set me free to reflect and grow. Writing keeps me honest and helps me to stay centered. Consider writing, it helps.