Day Two…

Yesterday, I challenged myself to go to Spin Class. Today I went. It seems like a simple thing, but for me, it is an important step. Another step in the right direction.  I love to go to Spin, so why have I stayed away so long? By the time the set played Girl Almighty , my body felt as though it was waking up. Yes, yes, yes, I remember how to do this… I jumped, I climbed, I squatted, I did it all. By the time Despacito played I had caught the rhythm and felt transformed.

This is my story, this what I felt inside. Was my form perfect? No. Was I working at the same level as the others? No. That hardly matters at all, the point is I felt empowered. I had fun, and I accomplished yesterday’s goal.

I was feeling great when I came back home, and Dave and I went to the Crab Meadow Beach. I sipped seltzer as the cool breeze swept across the dunes. The tide was high, and seagulls strutted across the sand.  Children dug deep holes in the sand  I guess I could have chosen to be uptight about how I looked at the beach. I guess I could have stayed home.

What do you think, was I fearless, or oblivious? The thing is it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that as I take on this huge goal, to lose 80 pounds, my watchword is happiness. Yes, I have a long way to go, but I’m on my way because I started yesterday. Shawn Achor delves into the science of happiness.  A positive outlook changes everything… watch his TEDTalk

Tomorrow is my first official day back to work. When I sign off on this post, I’m going to pack my lunch.  See you tomorrow and thanks for reading.

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