Day One Hundred Seventy-One…

Even though I am off for the week, I still went to 5:15 am spin I figured I’d get a jump on the day.  It’s rainy and foggy but definitely much warmer than it’s been in the morning.

I am thinking about what it means to give 100% of myself to a goal. Does it set me up for a yes I made it, or no I didn’t mindset? I wonder, is that all it’s supposed to be? I don’t think so, I think that would be a very one dimensional takeaway from this experience.  I am allowing myself to dream big, and sometimes I even imagine meeting Oprah,“You did it Jenn-i-fer!” Then there would be the 3-minute synopsis of my journey shared on #memberspotlight. It’s fun to imagine, and I would love getting the makeover they must do for the members they highlight.

Really, if that was all there was to my journey, I don’t think I could maintain this lifestyle.  The truth is, I am learning that I can be more than I was yesterday. It’s not all physical, although the physical benefits are striking. I went to the doctor’s office over the weekend and my blood pressure was 114/74 and that’s much lower than it has been in the past. I feel braver and more confident about myself. I feel stronger and more relaxed. I now believe that I am capable of transforming myself in every sense and so are you.

Words of Wisdom
This is like making this whole thing about numbers on a scale. Once you open yourself up to this experience, you learn it is so much more.

We all have power. I read a lot about empowerment but I’m pushing back on that word because the power has always been there for us, we don’t need some authority to give it to us. We have to find it within ourselves.  Think of it as a well of strength that is just waiting for you to lower the chain, tip the bucket, and let that lifeforce in. You don’t have to worry about the well running dry. So long as your living it won’t, the springs to our existence runs deeper than we can fathom. Discovering our power begins when we believe in ourselves.  I believe in you, but that’s not enough, you have to believe in you.

Make today a great day. My wish for you is that you do something that makes you happy.


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