Day One Hundred Seventy-Two…

Something special happened yesterday. A friend sent me a picture of something beautiful. Her husband, who is a talented photographer,  had taken a picture of the radicchio you now see in today’s featured image. When she saw it she thought it was beautiful and then she thought of me. I am touched she thought to send it my way so I could share it here.

If we look for beuaty we will find it, it is in the smallest things and it is larger than life:

Seeing the beauty around us and within us is just so important, and once I realized that everything else became more clear. It is always there to inspire me and to fill me with hope. Hope is the thing that keeps me optimistic and when I feel optimistic I am more likely to be successful. Understanding this has changed my journey for the better because beauty inspires beauty and it just keeps growing.

Words of Wisdom

I hope you are having a beautiful day. My wish for you is to find something you think is beautiful (after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder)  and take a moment to really look at it, let it fill your heart and you will be changed for having really seen it. More tomorrow…


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