Day Thirty-Two…

Today was a better day than yesterday. It was a “blue dot day” so that feels much better. Yesterday was such a rough day I’m glad it is behind me. I am looking forward to spinning tomorrow morning so I have to go to sleep soon.

Learning how to maintain versus losing weight is different and requires a new set of skills.  I am supposed to be eating more, but how much more?  I’m trying to learn how to listen to my body and to stop eating when I have a sense of being satisfied. However, doing that is hard for me.

Onward down the path to better health and maintaining weight loss! It helps to know that you are out there doing this too. Yes, this requires some attention. Yes, this is not so easy. Yes, new habits have to be formed. Yes, you are worth all of that and more. You can do this, so let’s get moving.

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