The quickest way to recover from the holidays is to be completely honest. What I mean by that is, it is a very good idea to track everything that is eaten. Tracking what I eat continues to be an important part of my weight loss transformation. “Always let your conscience be your guide…”

A clean conscious helps me to make better choices. I now understand that the only person I’d be fooling is myself – so instead, I just track it all. My decision to do this, to track what I eat, is the very thing that grants me freedom and control.

I am signed up for 5:15 am spin class tomorrow. I’m excited that I can use the amazing new gym bag that my beautiful daughter bought me for Christmas. These are the getting back to basics moves that will keep me 93 pounds lighter.

So… if you are thinking that maybe you are losing control and are feeling a little nervous – don’t. Just be honest. Write it all down and think about what you want your next move to be. You can do this because you are strong, resilient, and you know you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Christmas came on in a big way. There were lots of gifts, laughs, and (of course) food. In the esteemed tradition of Bob Cratchit, I made rather merry and pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted.

Tomorrow will be the decider – how I bounce back from holiday eating, will be a real indicator on my path to maintaining my goal weight. The good thing about taking a while to achieve weight loss is that all that time provides repeated practice and experience. That time is like a teacher that helps good habits to take root.

The big take away – the journey goes on regardless of Lifetime status. Achieving this is a big deal to me and it does help to know that I could do it but it’s not really done. They call it “Maintenance” for a reason – maintaining my weight loss over time is my next goal.

Time escapes us, and the thing I keep thinking about is to appreciate each day and to be grateful for each other. So looking back on Christmas 2018 – it was a great one for the books.

Remember the past, and plan for the future but treasure today.