Day Forty-Six…

I was due for a spa day, so after work, I got my eyebrows threaded and my hair cut and colored:

It felt good to do something for myself; although while that was happening I had some guilty feelings about other things I could be spending money on so close to the holidays. Why? I would never suggest that to someone else, so why do I do it to myself? As much as I speak to myself with kindness, other times I’m my own worst enemy. It’s something I’m thinking about.

Words of Wisdom December 2018

I said “No” to candy, dessert, another slice of pizza, and sugar-free chocolate pudding. I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment. Plus, I am scheduled to attend spin tomorrow morning, and I’m looking forward to going and getting a great workout.

That’s what the journey is persistence and resolve. They are two core parts that help make weight loss possible, at least for me.  I know it sounds bleak but in some important ways, it is very empowering. Understanding that this can be difficult and knowing that I can make it happen feels – really good.

So keep going and working at this because if this is something you want you should have it. I say, yes I’ll keep on the path. What do you say?

Day Forty-Five…

After an especially stressful day, I am looking forward to a big glass of water and bed. I went over on my points and it’s silly I didn’t have to, I think I have to be wary of bad habits creeping in again. This holiday season is proving very challenging to me. I think as long as I am writing and thinking about it I’m going to figure this out.

Words of Wisdom

It was really hard to get to this place in my weight loss journey. I think it’s the quiet ambivalence that’s the thing to worry about, not the big holiday meal. It’s the day-to-day choices that will make or break my resolve. It’s easy to forget all the work it took to get into these jeans. So what’s next?

Words of Wisdom December 2018

Here is what I have to say to me… You are amazing and have done something that many people struggle to accomplish. Think about what it is you want, and why you began this journey. Has your why changed? It is a slippery slope when you decide to venture off a path that has brought you a lot of success. That said, it doesn’t mean that there is only one path to success. Be intentional and make sure you are making choices that reflect what you really really want. Sometimes you may need that scoop of ice cream, and sometimes you won’t. I think it’s time to read your emergency letter (Day 200).

I have to say, yes! That letter worked. If you’ve never written an emergency letter, write one. It is a gift to listen to your stronger self who is writing from a position of success and strength. Today, was stressful, I know what is happening in my life that is making the journey rocky right now. There is plenty of good solid reason for a setback. I’m having a rough time. It helps to know we all do sometimes.

What should I do now?  I am choosing to drink some water, pack breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, wash my face, brush my teeth, and get some rest.  Keep at it – you can do this.