Day Thirty-Seven…

It’s the first day I feel like I’m totally in control. Control is a funny thing when it comes to weight loss, maintenance, and health. It’s funny because, on one hand, control feels amazing, when I feel like I’m in control,  it feels like I’ve got this whole thing figured out. On the other hand, when it’s missing, it feels very far away and elusive.

When it’s all clicking in my #WW world this almost feels as easy as breathing. When it’s out of sync it feels like having the wind knocked out of me – painful, awkward, and difficult. How weird is that? The very thing, learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, can bring me such joy and it can also make me feel frustrated, or powerless.

I think the reason so many people give up on this goal, losing weight and improving health, is because it can be such a rollercoaster. Plus it takes a long time to see the physical results. There was a period where I felt significantly changed on the inside but it didn’t show up on the outside for quite some time. There are more than a few posts in here about being patient.

Words of Wisdom

My last words tonight, I am not giving up. I’m not giving up because losing weight has brought me back home to myself. The energy, the connectedness to the world, and the confidence I have gained by losing this weight are worth the effort it takes to learn how to maintain it and keep it off.  Thank you for reading.