Day Nine…

Short post tonight. I have to be wary of falling back to old habits. Tracking, weighing, and measuring help me to be successful. It was a busy evening here and I could easily see how small decisions like tasting foods as I cook, or not tracking right away could be triggers that derail the habits I have worked so hard to put into place.  Plus, I went over my points allotment for two days in a row and it’s very easy to get accustomed to eating more. These are mere reflections yet I think it’s very important, to be honest about them.

On a positive note, I went to spin class two days already this week. I had planned to go in the morning before work tomorrow; however, I don’t think I can do that because it’s so late and I have to get to work extra early because my husband is giving me a ride. So, I am canceling my reservation. Maybe I will go to the gym when I get home from work. I’m not sure yet.  I do enjoy getting the activity because it lifts my spirits. It’s hard to describe, but I get a sense of fulfillment post-workout that makes me feel amazing.

I promise to stay engaged in this process. I promise to keep blogging. I promise to be honest and transparent about the journey. I hope you are doing well. I wonder what are you willing to promise?  Whatever it is, remember this is a promise to and for yourself. Be well.

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