Day Ten…


 y featured image is not from today. Today, was dreary, wet, and cold. Instead, I conjured up a picture from December of last year. It is so beautiful and makes me feel connected to a deep sense of wonder. This tree grew from a seed a small insignificant seed into this stalwart giant. A fixture on the landscape to guide my way home. 

It turns out I needed a little inspiration. I am finding that I am hungry and am looking to graze. I have not let that get away from me. But the past few days are rough! I am reminding myself to ask if this is internal or external hunger I feel. I am stirring away from sugar and am trying to eat a variety of foods. I only have 7 extra SmartPoints left (with today’s 3 point roll-over) and I don’t love that I’ve used so many points pretty early into my week.  Especially, since I’ll be traveling to Houston.

Yikes! It looks beautiful though. 

 This will be a little tricky but hey, I have you my virtual team on this journey with me. Believe it, that helps! I think there is just these “hungry” kind of days. Days that I have no business really being hungry because I’ve eaten and when I reflect on my overall being I’m not really hungry, I’m just craving something… I did, however, say no to these tonight:

Three reasons to be happy today: 1. I am happy about saying no these. 2. I am happy that I am working towards Lifetime status. 3. I am happy to know that so many people love me and that I love so many people. Life is crazy, but life is also very extraordinary.

My last words tonight are to hold on to all the beauty. Celebrate all the small wins. Be interested in yourself so you may be interesting to others :). You are worth all the effort this journey requires from us. I’m very proud of you, you are amazing, and don’t you forget that! More tomorrow. 

Day Nine…

Short post tonight. I have to be wary of falling back to old habits. Tracking, weighing, and measuring help me to be successful. It was a busy evening here and I could easily see how small decisions like tasting foods as I cook, or not tracking right away could be triggers that derail the habits I have worked so hard to put into place.  Plus, I went over my points allotment for two days in a row and it’s very easy to get accustomed to eating more. These are mere reflections yet I think it’s very important, to be honest about them.

On a positive note, I went to spin class two days already this week. I had planned to go in the morning before work tomorrow; however, I don’t think I can do that because it’s so late and I have to get to work extra early because my husband is giving me a ride. So, I am canceling my reservation. Maybe I will go to the gym when I get home from work. I’m not sure yet.  I do enjoy getting the activity because it lifts my spirits. It’s hard to describe, but I get a sense of fulfillment post-workout that makes me feel amazing.

I promise to stay engaged in this process. I promise to keep blogging. I promise to be honest and transparent about the journey. I hope you are doing well. I wonder what are you willing to promise?  Whatever it is, remember this is a promise to and for yourself. Be well.

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