G O A L!

Day four hundred Twenty-Four was the day I got to goal.  It is an incredible feeling, I hugged everyone in the room when I first found out. Getting to goal has been my priority for over a year and my incredible WW community were amazing.  Everyone applauded and I shared my story. This is what I know for sure.

  1. Believe in yourself – you can do incredible things
  2. Know why you want to lose weight – and think about it every day.
  3. Writing helps to build a habit for reflection and that is helpful
  4. Be an active member of a community of supportive others.
  5.  Kindness and patients are something to practice every day.

So thank you for all the well wishes and support it means more than I can say:

Day Four Hundred Twenty-Three…

Last week I was .4 away from GOAL! Now, it’s the day before weigh-in and I am wondering if this will be my week. I just don’t know. I don’t feel that different than last week. 

My husband and I went for a walk with our girl, Sadie. She enjoyed the walk as did we.

Rainy Autumn Day on a Walk 2018

I had a good week but that doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be my day to get to goal. I feel great, and I can’t believe how much change has happened over a little more than a year. I’ll let you know how it went.