Day Four Hundred-Nine…

Maybe, Day Four Hundred-Seventeen will be the day I reach goal:

Week of Oct 20

Again, I was kind of shocked when I heard the news, a loss of .2 pounds was not what I was expecting. So, I cleared my head during the meeting and listened closely to the wisdom of other members.  This is what I heard:

  1. Food! People are making really delicious (and healthy) foods. Food is a source of pleasure and enjoyment and they are still losing weight.
  2. Mindfulness!  A member shared his mantra, ” Yesterday doesn’t matter. Today’s the day, what are you going to do?”  His trifecta to success is Planning Tracking and Activity.
  3. Activity! The number one predictor of weight gain is linked to your level of activity. So go out there and move more.
  4. Growth Mindset! A belief that you have the power to change your life. Acknowledge the challenges but continue to persevere, change happens over time.
  5. Willpower! With the talk about growth mindset, my own thinking went back to willpower. This last month has been a big challenge for me. The thing is, I believe that every experience I have in this life is meant to teach me something.  If willpower is a muscle, then right now my willpower is going through Ironman Training…

So, I’m not there YET but I will be one of these days In the meantime, I look at these last few weeks as an opportunity not to take my weight loss for granted. I am learning that I am truly tenacious that when tested I can dig deep and keep going.  That’s a wonderful gift and I am truly grateful.

Words of Wisdom