Day Two Hundred Twenty-Eight…

I cannot stress the importance of goal setting.  Not all goals have to be crazy hard to accomplish either, they just have to mean something to you. I set a goal to get some activity each day, and so far so good. I have been able to schedule activity every day this week.

I am feeling confident and that in turn makes me more competent. Accomplishing my goals gives me such a boost! I find that they are helping me to shape a positive outlook as I continue on this journey. I especially like that this goal is connected to the Weekly that we all get in our meetings. By taking time to integrate what I’m learning at Weight Watchers meeting into my life I am deepening my resolve to get to goal, and eventually Lifetime.

Words of Wisdom

Since we are on this journey together, I wonder about you and your goals. Maybe now is a good time to ask yourself, What goals have I set for myself lately? What goals have I accomplished? How does accomplishing those goals set me up for what’s next? These may be good ones to think about as you reflect on the journey. Please know you are welcome to share any thoughts in the comments. Writing down goals is an essential piece to keeping them. Seriously, there is a lot of research that supports this claim.  I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this article before, but it makes sense to share it again in this post.

Always allow yourself to be inspired by beauty. Taking time to take beauty in opens us up to wellbeing.  So here is a little beauty I found in the world today. Spring is beginning to really wake up across the landscape. Like a new baby, it a very welcome addition to the world.

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