Day Two Hundred Twenty-Nine…

It’s hard to believe how things eventually just “click in” and habits become second nature. I used to have to devote so much time and energy to live the Weight Watcher’s plan. It used to be a pretty big challenge to work activity into my days. Now, Weight Watchers is just an extension of who I am and I enjoy getting activity. So you can imagine that when I read a post from a member who is struggling I feel an instant bond.  I am filled with empathy because I’ve lived that reality too.

I suspect that there are people around me who may worry that I’ll slide back because I’ve done this before. I am sure there are others who are betting that I’ll just gain back the weight because that’s what happens to many people who lose a lot of weight. In the end, it really only matters what I think – because my thoughts will create my reality.  I believe I can do this – it is very different this time. Having a sense of personal power and control over my appearance and physical wellbeing is so much better than how I felt before I got serious about changing my life for the better.


3 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Twenty-Nine…

  1. Maintenance is hard. I have gone up a few times on this journey. I have NEVER, nor will I EVER gain back all of the weight that I lost. Why, you ask, because I won’t give up and I attend my meetings weekly. I get on the scale even when I know that I am not going to like the number. The group support has been invaluable to me.

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