Day Two Hundred-Seventeen…

If you are considering joining Weight Watchers. don’t wait, join today. I say this because the meetings will change your whole experience with weight loss.  As I sat and listened to the group I was struck by their collective generosity, care, and wisdom. I felt elated as I listened to Bob, Gail, Emily, and Vivian who all living the plan in their own ways and experiencing success.  I was as happy for them as I am for myself because I understand that kind of joy.

This is what I was thinking about during my meeting the difference between an intention and a wish is the commitment to change. It’s ok either way because wishes can take root and grow.

I listened closely to members who are struggling too – I listened with an open heart because I understand the struggle. I feel very connected to other Weight Watchers members because there is a special kinship we share. We are all trying to change ourselves for the better. It’s not just the physical benefits of weight loss, it’s the understanding that we all have the power to transform our minds too.  Understanding that I am part of something bigger than myself makes the journey really beautiful.

Maxine Greene

My week in numbers: – 2 pounds a total of 71.8 pounds down. It’s going well, I’m losing at a healthy rate, I feel really good, and I am a lot more active. So, if you are thinking about doing this – join us you can do it!

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