Day Two Hundred-Eighteen…

I have not worn a size B pantyhose in a very long time. This is a milestone for me because it helps me to acknowledge how far I’ve come on the journey. Today was a special day, I got all dressed up and went to a baby shower. There is something wonderful about the combination of a spring day and a baby shower.  I have to say, I actually felt – pretty.  My husband took my picture – and I let him – this is a big deal too.

I went to the party had a great time. I went knowing that I had a strategy for how to handle the unexpected foods, and indulgences I was sure to encounter. I started the day with activity and a low point breakfast…

I ate what I wanted, and I was mindful. I didn’t just eat because it was on my plate I  asked for the sauce for my chicken dish to be served on the side, so my lunch was much lighter than it would have been. I made sure to record it all in my tracker. These choices were all informed by the wisdom of other members.


Emily’s insightful words really resonated because they ring so true. Tracking keeps me on the path.  It’s such a relief to just be honest with myself about my struggle with food. I have spent a lot of time shirking the truth and avoiding my issues altogether. Tracking the foods I eat and reflecting on my choices, changes things in important ways. Tracking is objective, it gives me information to help me take actionable steps so I can improve. When I look at it that way, I don’t see tracking as an obligatory thing as if it were a life sentence – I see it as a something that is actually granting me the freedom to live my life.  Today, tracking enabled me to have a really delicious piece of cake and still be on plan. It feels like cheating but it’s not it’s just living my life. Truly, amazing.

If you want to change your lifestyle and relationship with food, know that you can do it so long as you are very clear as to why you want to make this change.  So why do you want to make the change?   When you answer that question, all sorts of things will begin to change for the better.

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