Vantage Point…

It’s it funny that the definitions for the term vantage point has two very different meanings?

Cambridge Dictionary

The first definition a good view implies clarity a place that is unobstructed by obstacles. The latter definition is much more murky. Opinions and experiences knit together to construct an individual’s vantage point. In other words, the way each of us sees things.

This blog is an attempt to find a place that provides a good view of my behaviors. I try to think through my day and reflect on my actions. As I think and write I realize I’m also creating my own unique vantage point. I’m shaping my view of wellness and weight loss to match my beliefs

I had a good day, I stayed within my Blue Dot ranges, I was active, and I was mindful. From my vantage point, today was a success. Keep going, you can do this!