Day Two Hundred-Eleven…

What comes to mind when you think of the word tradition?  This is a very special word because it grants us access the past, while also setting the rhythm for the future.  This word is all intertwined with the good things. Our rituals for the holidays, the family and friends who return home, and of course, the foods that we eat bring our traditions to life:

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So yes, when I think about traditions I inevitably think about food.  I can keep my traditions and add my own flourish when it comes to a holiday meal. I am cooking a spiral ham – tradition; but, I am also making roasted vegetables – a new take! Food is more than nourishment on the holidays. A holiday meal is to experience – so my advice s is to experience it without regret but with a sense of intention. Eat wide awake, take everything that you’ve learned on the journey with you. Think about what you’re able to do now that maybe you wouldn’t have done before. Appreciate yourself because you are amazing.

It’s not really about the food. Traditions are about the love. They are about the longing for the past, and the desire to influence the future. Appreciate yourself because you are the composer and your life is a masterpiece that is still being written.

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