Day Two Hundred-Twelve…

I think life is always trying to teach me to be flexible. What a difference a day makes…

True Story At the Yoga Studio (a little later in the morning)…

“Look at this level of commitment!” I think it’s going to be a small class.” the yoga instructor greeted us as we walked into the dark studio.  My sister Virginia and I stood in the entryway, with wet feet unbundling our coats.”Good we need a lot of work.” My sister said with a small laugh. “Ok, what do you need to work on?” she replied back her blonde ponytail swung behind her. “I don’t know everything we’re new.” Virginia offered, I just smiled and nodded my head up and down. My sister went on to say, “I just try my best and do what I can.”  As quick as a flash, the woman looked Virginia right in the eye, and answered, ‘That’s exactly what we want here. People come in all the time, saying they’re not flexible. This is the kind of flexible we want – in the mind, it’s not just the body.” 

Messages are always being revealed to us…

Sometimes I begin posts and stop them. This happened today. Flexibility is my watchword.  This journey is teaching me to keep a flexible mind and spirit. If I allow a meal or regret a choice I made, or fail to get a number I think I deserve, I harden myself and is a problem for me.  Reflecting on experiences rather than reacting to them, makes room for inner growth. This may sound dippy to some, but that’s what this journey is all about for me. If I make my journey about the piece of cake I was missing last night (true story again) after Easter dinner, I would be missing the bigger picture.

Words of Wisdom
This quote makes me think of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. The author of Flow Theory. Flow occurs when we are totally immersed in an activity that challenges us. During flow deep learning comes with great personal satisfaction. This is the journey. I am in flow.

I wonder, how are you pushing yourself to be flexible? What are you learning along the way? How will you respond to quick changes?  I think these are good questions to think on.  I find that when I think deep I do better on the scale – isn’t that strange?  The less I think about the scale, the better I do on the scale. Life is weird. Thak you for reading, more tomorrow.

On the Lighter Side… 

I used my leftovers to make really great choices. Take a look:

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