There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether is help with health and wellness goals, or something more. It’s really a sign of strength because when we ask for help, we are advocating for ourselves. So why is it so hard to do?

I’m working on recognizing when I need to ask for help. My three big triggers that have the potential to derail my health and wellness goals are when: I’m very stressed out, overly hungry, or tired. I can’t do it all, all by myself all the the time. So when I feeling overly hungry, just by telling someone, “I’m really hungry,” it helps. Or if I’m dealing with a stressful situation, acknowledging and naming the emotions help me to be specific with the kind of help I need. When I’m too tired to stay up and work, I name it and make arrangements to carry the work on into tomorrow.

We all need help sometimes. My wish for you is that if you need some help to stay on track with your goals that you ask for it.

Day Twenty-Eight…

This was an exceptional week on the scale: – 3.2 pounds. I really needed that boost. Had I not weighed in last week, because I knew I was going up on the scale, I wouldn’t have seen my efforts come to fruition this week. No matter what, for me anyway, it’s important to weigh in – I know that for certain.

My husband experienced huge success too! He performed at the Happenings on Main Street last night. They had an open mic and he sounded fantastic. I admire that he pushes himself to get out there and do something he loves. Go Dave!

Ooh La La 1973

In keeping with a musical theme, we saw the movie, Yesterday last night. It was such a good time. I’ve been listening to Beatles songs all day on Spotify having been reminded how great they were. They’re not my generation, but I love them just the same. Finding gratitude for this music that I’ve taken for granted is a real treat. It’s like someone giving you a hug and then you remember, “Oh hey, it’s you.” Check out the trailer:

Four Stars!

The big victory for today, I elected to have strawberries and whipped cream instead of cake for dessert. It was delicious and I saved a bunch of SmartPoints to boot. I hope you’re having a nice weekend readers. I believe in you, remember you can do this!