Day Three Hundred Sixty-Six…

Lately, it’s a struggle to find balance in my life. I’m not concerned with falling back into bad habits, it’s just things are not working out the way I wish they would. I can console myself that, although I’ve been experiencing some complications lately, I have not turned to food for comfort. I have to be happy about that because my perspective has changed about my own life. That’s growth and it can be daunting to see myself honestly.

I did have an NSV I made my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow ahead of time and that will help so much in the morning. Tonight, this was an accomplishment. I hope you are doing well on the journey. Little changes add up and before you know it, you’ve rewired your whole life. Keep going you are worth it!

Day Three Hundred-Sixty…

It is the night before weigh-in and I’m reflecting on my week. It was an amazing this week. I carried over 34 SmartPoints. I went to spin class, I weighed and measured all my food, I don’t think I could have been more focused on the plan. Even with all of that, I don’t think I will be down on the scale tomorrow. as a matter of fact, I think I will be up. That is pretty disappointing. I have to acknowledge this because I think it’s important, to be honest with myself. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I do.

I am very proud of everything I’ve bee able to make this new lifestyle happen. I have lost 89.2 pounds and that is amazing. I have been trying my best to take good care of myself, and that is worthy of celebrating.  I am enough, and so are you.


DAY 29: Head up to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual for a bubble bath, good book or some form of pampering.

I did take a bath, and I don’t usually like baths but this time, I really enjoyed it. Then I showered and did my hair (which actually came out good because it’s not so hot). I put on facial cream and body lotion. This was something a little different and made me feel good. Try it.


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven…

If you’re wondering why today is being counted as 357, it is because I realized I made an error in the recordings of the journeys around day number 319. So, today is the real “357” there are 8 days left until it’s been a year of me blogging every day.  I think that’s a huge victory. Taking this time every day for self-reflection, to indulge my curiosity about health and well-being, and to try to connect with others is a really important accomplishment for me. I credit a lot of my success on this journey to writing about it every day. I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say, writing is saving my life.


Today is going to be a big work day and I plan on making vegetable soup. A nice bowl of vegetable soup is just what I need to take good care of myself. Now that Canelli beans are zero points, I can add those into the soup. Then, I’ll puree mixture of vegetables and beans and add it back into the soup.  This will give the soup a creamy texture, without adding dairy. I might add a potato too I know that adds points but it’s worth it. I didn’t gain 89.2 pounds for adding a potato to my vegetable soup. Another nice benefit of making soup, everyone loves it and it’s so healthy.


I have to thank Weight Watchers for adding Headspace to the app.  This is a fantastic addition to the suite of services Weight Watchers offers members. Practicing mindfulness is an area where I could grow. I know this because I created a self-assessment to help myself reflect on the journey. If you’re not a Weight Watcher member, go the website, and check it out. You can sign up for free.


DAY 26: Put some music on and do whatever feels right—dancing, lying with your eyes closed, or singing along.

I’m looking forward to this. I enjoy music. It definitely helps to lighten the mood.  Music may find it’s way into my soup making, or perhaps if I take Sadie out for a walk.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Five…

What do you think of when you read the word, craving?  I think of this as a negative word, one that has deep roots primitive behaviors that spell trouble for changing my lifestyle when it comes to food and fitness.

Well, it turns out I’m half right. A craving is a primitive behavior. One that is generated from the hippocampus, a part of the brain that houses memory.  Whenever we establish a habit, the brain learns to anticipate a reward and kicks a craving into action. The longer we delay the reward the stronger the craving becomes.

However, we can use this part of human nature to our advantage. Instead of craving chips, cookies, or cake, we can train our brain to crave the sensation we get after a good workout. I think that’s why it’s so important to have non-scale goals because when we crave weight loss in numbers we can be easily disappointed.  Sometimes, even when we have a perfect week, we don’t get these ideal numbers we were hoping for and end up feeling frustrated and despondent. No good.

Reflecting back on this (almost) year-long-journey I have learned to crave productive rewards that are helping me to get to goal. I’m so close, almost there. I feel great and am filled with gratitude.


DAY 24: Get out in nature—take a walk, do some gardening, or just lay in the grass.

This was the perfect challenge for today. It was such a lovely summer day. My husband and I went to the beach and had a nice time. Until our quiet shady reading spot was invaded by a raucous group of 13-year-olds celebrating a birthday. Loud and full of energy – so we left and went to the village to enjoy a walk on the dock. It was sunny and breezy and we thoroughly enjoyed the weather.

Northport Village

Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight…

Graduating from college is an important milestone. It marks the ending of one point and the beginning of the next. Together we celebrated Jimmy’s great achievement and cheered for his future.


Of course, there was lots of delicious food. I tracked everything I ate between yesterday and today, now I have one Smartpoint left for my Weekly Remaining balance.

This morning, I woke up and went to spin. It was a great ride, I left feeling energized and strong, and that is amazing. Afterward, I visited with family, and again, it was a heavier point day than usual. I started the day with homemade bread toasted with homemade guacamole. I had a little piece of a donut. These are not typical choices I would make.

As I reflect on how I”m feeling, I can tell you I’m feeling the food right now. It may sound obnoxious but I’m not used to eating so much food. It’s funny but it’s kind of like training. When you spend your time eating healthy and getting regular activity your body adjusts to that lifestyle. If you spend your time overindulging in rich foods and doing more sedentary things your body adjusts to that too. I suppose the thing to appreciate is how magnificent our bodies are. The body will accommodate whatever, for better or for worse for as long as it can and that’s incredible.


DAY 18: We all slip up at one time or another—it happens, we are not perfect and it’s OK. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. What is important is your next step after that slip-up

I don’t consider these two days as a “slip up”. I did everything I’ve been learning to do. Tracking, being mindful, and getting activity are all really good things to do. Could I have said no to somethings? Yes, I absolutely could have. Instead, I decided to say yes and that’s ok. For me, it has never been about perfection, it is about process and progress.