On Track…

It’s late, this is going to be a brief post because it’s been a busy day. Here are some things I can celebrate:

A pretty sky after spin class. It felt great to know I had a good workout this morning.
I weighed and measured 1/2 serving of these for breakfast at 3 SmartPoints
I ate breakfast at home. I was mindful.
We have PD tomorrow and I made these cute little bags and didn’t eat any candy.

Tomorrow ends the first full week back at school. I am getting used to my new routine. I am rolling over 4 SmartPoints and that feels pretty great.


Any time I do something that helps me to get closer to my goal I feel more accomplished. The journey to weight loss is not easy, but figuring out how to make it work is a gift unto itself. Every day there are food temptations, there is all this other”stuff” that gets in the way of working out. Often times I don’t only want one glass of wine I’d like two… know what I mean?

So, on days like today, I have to celebrate that all that I’ve done to get closer to my latest goal – getting back to my free seat. The only way to move down the scale and closer to my goal weight is to maintain my resolve and stick to my plan. Here is what I did to help myself today:

  1. I went to 8:30 am spin class and it was a lot of fun. I felt good about it all day.
  2. I stayed within my points range and I’m on track for rolling over 2 SmartPoints.
  3. I bought the latest WW magazine that offers up some really nice recipes that look for delicious and fairly simple to make.
  4. I cut up vegetables and bagged them so they are easy to grab and go.
  5. I packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.

Here is what I plan to do to help myself for the rest of the day:

  1. Do my deluxe night time routine (as I like to call it) just add on facial cream and some mindful breathing lol.
  2. Lay out my outfit for the morning.
  3. Go to bed by 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm so I get plenty of sleep.

When I can pull this all off, I feel really accomplished.


The reality of weight loss is that it takes a lot of planning and dedication to make it happen. I track, weigh, and measure food every day. I set goals for myself like, “I will try a new recipe this week.” or “I will go to spin class three times this week.” Then I do my best to achieve them, sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t.

This is a friend to weight loss.

Someone reading this may ask, “Is it worth it?” It is worth it, I feel so much better, and I am a lot more confident. However, my reality for getting to goal and making Lifetime is different than I thought it would be. It is not that I had any false sense that I would achieve Lifetime and be “fixed”. I knew going into this that it was for the long haul. Knowing and living are different.

This lifestyle takes effort. Some days are amazing. I feel so great because I’m in control, I feel and look good. While some days are almost impossible. I feel like everything I want to eat is too many Smart Points and I through myself a pity party. Some days are mundane. It’s like I go on autopilot and my habits take over and I don’t even think about it. Those days are tricky because I think I need to think about this in order to maintain my weight loss.

This is my reality. I hope reading this post helps someone. This journey is not on a paved path. Really, it is a trail and it is a mountainous one. However, the view from a mountaintop is brilliant and my perspective on my life has been totally changed. I never want to go back to my life before now that I know what it took to get here. As always, thank you for reading.