Day Two…

I had a great breakfast this morning! It was 1 cup of nonfat greek yogurt, 1 cup of berries and 16 grams of mixed nuts sprinkled on top. I was creamy, sweet, and had a nice crunch. Now I feel very satisfied and am curious to see how long that feeling lasts into the afternoon. I was pretty hungry so didn’t stop to take a picture. Next time.

Summertime sunset over the pit July 2019

I’m thinking a lot about how to be more strategic when planning out my meals. My thinking with breakfast was that the mixed nuts would add some fat and additional protein, while the yogurt offered both protein and calcium, while the berries would help with absorption, fiber, Vitamin C, and folic acid (that develops new cells). I’m not a dietician but I like to read about nutrition and learning new things helps me to stay engaged. The point is to be aware and to try to plan meals that give me a greater bang for my buck.

Still have not delved into my creative outlet and that changes this week!

In case you were wondering I did weigh in and I did gain over the past two weeks. I’ve decided to just be happy where I am right now. I am feeling good about myself and I’m going with that. I am very motivated to get back to goal and Lifetime status, and my journey looks shiny and new to me right now. I started to write that I can’t do anything about my past choices, but that isn’t entirely true. I can think back on what I did and why I did it in an effort to learn. How? I plan on doing some journaling to explore this more deeply than this platform would allow. I’ll share what I discover.

I think my big challenge this week is to keep these positive feelings going. Maybe the way to do that is to engage with any negativity that comes my way. What I mean is this, when I eventually feel the pull of my old habits I want to consider what happened right before, to name what I’m really feeling, and to make a plan for what I will do to get out of the funk. It’s easy to write this plan, it’s harder to act on it in those darker moments. I’ll try, and it would help me to know that you’re out there trying too. We can do this together.

Day Three Hundred-Sixty…

It is the night before weigh-in and I’m reflecting on my week. It was an amazing this week. I carried over 34 SmartPoints. I went to spin class, I weighed and measured all my food, I don’t think I could have been more focused on the plan. Even with all of that, I don’t think I will be down on the scale tomorrow. as a matter of fact, I think I will be up. That is pretty disappointing. I have to acknowledge this because I think it’s important, to be honest with myself. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I do.

I am very proud of everything I’ve bee able to make this new lifestyle happen. I have lost 89.2 pounds and that is amazing. I have been trying my best to take good care of myself, and that is worthy of celebrating.  I am enough, and so are you.


DAY 29: Head up to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual for a bubble bath, good book or some form of pampering.

I did take a bath, and I don’t usually like baths but this time, I really enjoyed it. Then I showered and did my hair (which actually came out good because it’s not so hot). I put on facial cream and body lotion. This was something a little different and made me feel good. Try it.