Process Over Dogma…

Weight loss is a process and I get into trouble when I start thinking in absolutes. There is a lot of dogma when it comes to losing weight. Only eat this.. not that… Don’t eat past this time… Drink this every other day… When I start thinking that way, I know I am making myself rigid and that’s when the process starts to break down.

A process is fluid that requires flexibility. When I’m loose I can roll with the punches. I have an empowered stance, I can rise to the occasion and face challenges that are all around me. When I embrace the process for weight loss, I have a sense of agency because I believe that my actions really matter and will make an impact on my life.

To say it plainly, “I got this, and so do you.”

Day Four Hundred-Six…

I was reading my notes from past WW meetings. It’s very motivating to read about others’ success stories. Some members lost five pounds their first week, what a great way to grow momentum. Other members are feeling very motivated by the app and accumulating Wellness Wins points.   While other members find themselves eating in more thoughtful and strategic ways. All of these reflections are seeds for changing habits around food. Reading my notes was the perfect midweek boost I need to stay focused on why I’m doing this.

I can control “My Why” that is my choice.  I cannot control life. Life will come at me from every angle. When times get tough I need to separate the unpleasantness from the reality that food is not the answer. I can do this I believe it and that has changed the journey.