Open House…

Every September teachers working in the north east know it’s time to open up classrooms to the community. Tonight was our Open School Night and it went really well:

I had a good day on plan; however, dinnertime didn’t go so well for everyone at home. I brought a salad with some chicken for dinner, and everyone at home was supposed to eat the flank steak that was marinading overnight. I did all the prep work for that on Sunday, and unfortunately it was a bust. It was a little too rare and a little too spicy for my husband and son so I came home to some gripes and complaints. Well… everyone just has to get over it. I can’t do everything.

I’m a little discouraged, but I’m going to keep at this. Tomorrow is another chance to try again.

Day Three Hundred Seventy-Eight…

I had Open House so I only got home around 9:30 pm. I was really hungry and ate dinner and then I had 1 and 1/2 servings of Edy’s Moosetracks Sugar-Free Ice-cream. I went over my SmartPoints allowance so I did not earn a “blue dot”. In retrospect, it wasn’t really worth it but this was just one choice out of so many others. I thought about not tracking it for a moment, but then who would I be kidding? Myself. I am proud that I recorded it and am continuing to be honest with myself and anyone who happens to read my post.

Now I am looking forward to washing my face, getting into p.j.’s and hitting the sack. Tomorrow is a new day.