Reaching for Better

Taking stock of how it’s going on a weight loss journey is essential. Reflection unlocks the process in ways that are both revealing and significant because everyone’s journey is unique to their own experience. We can all “do a program” but results will vary as to our level of understanding and practice. The focus of my last’s post was identifying what habits help weight loss. The flip side to this discovery is to also identify what habits are hindering progress.

First Comes What Then How

What habits don’t work? I know one thing that is holding me back is the habit of eating dessert every night. Maybe not every night but certainly most! To be clear, the desert is a low-point option. I am losing weight, but maybe I don’t need dessert almost every night. Maybe desert has become a habit over a desire. Another thing that isn’t helping, is having seconds at dinner without considering if I am really still hungry. Knowing the answer to this question, what habits aren’t working for me, is like leveling up when it comes to weight loss.

This is not a surprise – eating breakfast is becoming a habit. That’s also the point.

How can you adjust your habits to improve? One thing I know for sure, nothing good ever comes from admiring a problem so making an action plan comes next. You. might be thinking, “Whoa… I just got to a place where I have habits for weight loss, I am not even ready to make any changes to them yet!” I read a quote recently that really hit a strong belief I hold:

You’re never ready for what you have to do. You just do it. That makes you ready.

Flora Rheta Schreiber, Journalist

Maybe you don’t want to address everything at once. Maybe you want to adjust one habit at a time, either way, taking action to make a change is the critical thing if you’re serious about weight loss. So here is my “how”, here is my action plan for my desert situation:

  1. I am going to eat dessert, it can be any kind of dessert I want but I have to track the points value in my tracker before eating it.
  2. It can be any three nights I want because I want to break the habit of routinely eating dessert.
  3. When I eat dessert I will eat it mindfully. This means I experience the taste of the flavors textures, visuals, and scent of what I am eating.

Here is my action plan for limiting seconds during dinner:

  1. Dinnertime is social for me. I am going to keep pace with my slow-eating husband.
  2. I serve dinner from the stovetop, this keeps me more intentional about additional servings.
  3. I will use the hunger scale

My parting words are here to remind you that you are worthy of the work it takes to reach your health and wellness goals. Keep looking for the good in yourself and in the others within your communities. Together we can all reach our full potential.