Day Four Hundred-Four…

I’m in day three of my week (according to WW) and I am determined to get closer to goal this time around:

  1. My breakfast and lunch are packed and tracked for tomorrow.
  2. Tracking all my foods – check!
  3. “Jennifer, you are doing great!”
  4. I’m eating flounder, vegetable patties, rainbow carrots, and dark chocolate.
  5. Building a meal around a higher SmartPoint value with zero point foods – check!
  6. On target with my activity goal (I go to spin tomorrow morning).
  7. Does blogging count? I am sharing how I feel through my posts.
  8. Driving home, I was thinking about how I had started a habit of saving a portion of my lunch and snacking on it in the car. I don’t know if this is good or bad I’m just aware of it.
  9. Saturday I looked forward to my new candle. Sunday I looked forward to getting my eyebrows done. Monday hands down pajamas 🙂
  10. Beauty: I think my featured image is a beautiful display.  Over the weekend I cleaned my curio and now I’m enjoying looking at it.

This is a journey of self-reflection, determination, and most of all kindness. Losing weight, changing how I deal with food, and finding time to get active is all challenging. This is especially true when life is so busy.  I’m worth the effort and if this is a goal you want for yourself you are worth the effort too.

Day Three Hundred Ninety-One…

My featured image is from September 2017. Back at the start of my earnest pursuit to get to goal.  I think it’s so beautiful and that makes me happy. Right now thunder just sounded as if a giant egg is being cracked across the sky. The rain is pouring from the sky and I am safe in my room reflecting about my day.

I went to the food store after a late day at work and saw a WW member there. She looked great, and it always lifts my spirit when I see my “people” outside of our meeting, which we now refer to as our workshop. The changes to WW are new and new is a bit scary.  There are parts of it that I like such as the addition of MIndspace.  I like the idea of having a tool that can help me to refocus.

I had a special teaching moment today. I watched a little boy put together a sentence and read it. This may seem like a small thing but it’s not. What seems to be effortless for one person is a mighty struggle for someone else. I guess my last words for today are, keep it all in perspective. You can do this.


Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight…

Graduating from college is an important milestone. It marks the ending of one point and the beginning of the next. Together we celebrated Jimmy’s great achievement and cheered for his future.


Of course, there was lots of delicious food. I tracked everything I ate between yesterday and today, now I have one Smartpoint left for my Weekly Remaining balance.

This morning, I woke up and went to spin. It was a great ride, I left feeling energized and strong, and that is amazing. Afterward, I visited with family, and again, it was a heavier point day than usual. I started the day with homemade bread toasted with homemade guacamole. I had a little piece of a donut. These are not typical choices I would make.

As I reflect on how I”m feeling, I can tell you I’m feeling the food right now. It may sound obnoxious but I’m not used to eating so much food. It’s funny but it’s kind of like training. When you spend your time eating healthy and getting regular activity your body adjusts to that lifestyle. If you spend your time overindulging in rich foods and doing more sedentary things your body adjusts to that too. I suppose the thing to appreciate is how magnificent our bodies are. The body will accommodate whatever, for better or for worse for as long as it can and that’s incredible.


DAY 18: We all slip up at one time or another—it happens, we are not perfect and it’s OK. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. What is important is your next step after that slip-up

I don’t consider these two days as a “slip up”. I did everything I’ve been learning to do. Tracking, being mindful, and getting activity are all really good things to do. Could I have said no to somethings? Yes, I absolutely could have. Instead, I decided to say yes and that’s ok. For me, it has never been about perfection, it is about process and progress.