Understanding How…

I went food shopping today, and bought everything I need to be successful. For me, understanding how to get back to goal begins with dinnertime. I still am having trouble getting this together on a daily basis. So, I planned out dinners for the week, including the day I go to Columbia University NYC. I brought back a tool I’ve used in the past:

Paprika is an app that helps to manage recipes. It organizes them and takes out all the ads. It’s helpful, because gives the recipes a consistent format for me to follow.

Very delicious Rustic Roasted Ratatouille Soup & 0 SmartPoints. Click here for the recipe

There is more to understanding how to get back to goal than just dinnertime, but I must say it’s a nice start.

Don’t be Dismissive…

How generous are you to yourself? It’s dangerous to dismiss the helpful habits and and routines that make the journey possible. I could just take it for granted that i packed my lunch when I got home from work today, it’s just what I do now. However, that would be a mistake.

See the cut up fruit in the background? Having that on hand is very helpful!

Even though I was hot, sticky, and tired by the time I made it home from school today, I still took the time to pack my lunch. Go me! That is a power move, that makes tomorrow just a little bit easier. I won’t be picking a random food left over in the faculty room, I will have the low or zero SmartPoint options available. These are the little things that deserve to be acknowledged with a little celebration, You did it!

My niece posted this on Instagram, and it really helped me today.

There are some people in my professional life that seem to drain my energy. This can happen anywhere, and I am fortunate that I’m in a place in my journey where I recognize the potential impact of emotional responses and weight loss. I’m no longer dismissive of my feelings, and I find just acknowledging when I don’t feel good helps. I’m not trying to escape negativity, I want to experience it and let it go. I think that may be what I’m supposed to be learning.

Revising Goals

Revising a goal doesn’t mean I failed, it means I reflected. There is a difference. Sometimes I set goals that sound good, but in reality are not so practical. It’s been a stressful week for me and I don’t really want to be so hard on myself.

Even though I will not make my goals this week, I have not rolled over any points, and I have exceeded my weeklies to boot. i have had some good moments. Saying no to second helpings, being mindful about my choices, and reflecting on when I gave into cravings. I believe this is how I will continue to grow.

I’m going to keep at this, I hope you will too.