Day Five…

Rolling over another 4 points from yesterday is a great reinforcement that I’m on the right track with my food choices. I’m not hungry and I don’t feel deprived. I know that I will eat dessert again, but for right now the feeling of satisfaction and control I have don’t make me miss it a bit. It is really astounding to me how different I feel.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Take a picture of something “sweet” and write about it.

How Sweet It Is Seven Day Sugar Challenge

Something sweet

This isn’t a recent picture but it is something sweet. The last time I was in NYC with friends, we went to a Mexican restaurant and I was so struck by this sweet gesture. It was close to Valentine’s Day and there was this lovely window display. It was there to represent beautiful feelings of adoration and whimsy. I really appreciate the effort it took to create the effect. It is here to remind me that if I look, I know I can find many examples of sweetness. What if I craved that, instead of dessert? What would that be like? The habit would still be there looking for something sweet but the my routine wouldn’t cause me to gain weight, feel sluggish, or defeated. What if, I could change my routine and still get that same reward? What would that habit loop look like? In terms of habit loops it would look like this…

Source for Habit Loop Template:

Unfortunately, stress is one of my cues to crave sweets. I notice that when I eat something sweet I get that momentary sense of calm and wellbeing from it. Maybe, I can redefine that craving for sweet into a more productive routine, like looking for sweetness in the world. I am reminded of the beginning of this journey…

What if, I spent my time looking for beauty instead of overlooking it? What would I find? I want to adopt a generous lens, one that looks for strengths, not deficits.

Day Eleven…
SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

I think there is a lot to this. I think I may have been forgetting how important it is to look to the world for sweetness and beauty instead of looking to food. I encourage you to consider this because it might help you too. That is always one of my reasons for writing, to help myself figure out some stuff, and to inspire others to help themselves. It feels good to be part of something that sparks hope and discovery. Be well on the journey.

Day Three Hundred Forty-One…

When I am sad or under stress, I look for comfort foods. When I’m having a great time, I want to “eat, drink, and be merry”. When I’m bored I migrate to the kitchen and go on the hunt. Emotional eating sucks.

Breaking the habit of emotional eating began with an awareness that it existed. I know that sounds so obvious but the weird thing is, it wasn’t. Facing up to this reality, that I am an emotional eater, remained elusive for a long time.  I don’t know why it just was, I think writing every day on this journey has helped me to understand this about myself.

Food that is worthy for me to eat 1sp

Now that I really see it for what it is, it can’t be unseen. I am grateful for this awakening but it’s still hard. I still feel the pull to turn to food when I’m not hungry. Looking back is as important as looking forward, and I am starting to understand my journey better.

It took a long time for me to distinguish the difference between external and internal hunger  (Day 56 was the first time I wrote about it ). I have also paid a lot of attention to developing good habits. I started to write about ( Day 15  was the first day I wrote about that). The other part of this journey was to look for beauty around me so that I could see it in myself (Day 11 was the first mention of beauty).

“What if, I spent my time looking for beauty instead of overlooking it? What would I find? I want to adopt a generous lens, one that looks for strengths, not deficits.”


DAY 12: Dress to impress yourself. Wear a favorite outfit today. Wearing jeans impresses me still.