Learning to understand that some days won’t go as I planned is a constant lesson. Some days my resolve will be weaker than others. That is the way it goes. The important part is to keep going.

So if today was a great day on the journey – celebrate that feeling because that’s very good news to be happy about. If today was a difficult one give yourself a hug and say it’s ok, tomorrow is a new day.

Learning to change habits that have been set over time is not easy and they creep back in. Expect that will happen and then when it does know that you are the one who gets to decide what to do next. You can do this believe it.

Day Three Hundred Ninety-Seven…

This post has to be a short one tonight because I’m pretty tired. I have to celebrate because I am very proud of myself, I accomplished something important in my work and it looks like I’ll have another grade level completed by tomorrow. This is one of the hardest assignments I’ve ever had to complete and I’m not giving up. I think I will have discovered new reserves in my ability to keep going under pressure. To be able to say I did this will be a remarkable accomplishment. I really want to contribute something of value to the world.

If so much attention is going into this one part of my life, it’s only natural I will have to make sacrifices in other areas. I wasn’t able to get any activity points today because I spent the entire day working. I’ll have to pack my meals tomorrow morning and that takes time. So it looks like I’m going to have to cancel my spin class. I wish there was another way but I’m going to need the sleep and the time in the morning. I’m going to try for Thursday and Friday classes this week instead.

I had a decent day on plan. I thought I was going to roll over four points but I decided to eat dessert so I used them. Tomorrow is another chance. I’m going to set a mini-goal to roll over 12 points. I’m going to have to be strategic to do it. I’m going to save some fruit and tea for an after-dinner sweet. I have fat free Redi-Whip I can add to it. Another option is to plan in a savory evening snack. I have to think about that little more.

I hope you are doing well on your journey. I hope you are accomplishing things that are surprising you and that reveal your personal power to make changes to your life. You can do this, and so can I.

Day Three Hundred Forty-Nine…

Today was grueling. So much work and I’m not close to being done.  I feel like I’m barely holding on and that’s the truth. Non-Scale Victory, I did not turn to food. I stayed in my healthy eating zone. I cooked a healthy dinner and I took a 20-minute nap to rest when I needed it – listening to my body is another Non-Scale Victory. Go me!


DAY 19: Journal something positive to look back on those “off” days we have.

It’s late so this post is going to be shorter than most. I can journal this: Today was really hard. I’m doing the work that a team of people would be doing only I’m doing it by myself with deadlines looming. I didn’t give up. I didn’t try to avoid the work. I am very proud of myself for persevering. Even if this week is not a great one for the scale, I can be assured that I am on the right track when it comes to weight loss and better health. This journey has taught me to endure and to thrive. That’s a good lesson that is helping me in other parts of my life. Thank you for reading.