That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles…

I went to my favorite bakery, Copenhagen, and ordered my husband’s birthday cake today. Well, anyone who knows me, knows I love cookies (Hello, I’m Jenn and I’m a WW member). Copenhagen happens to sell my favorite bakery cookies, and so the cookies won today. My decision to eat cookies had the potential to blow to my SmartPoints daily budget. Now I need to make the necessary adjustments so I remain in my Blue Dot status:

Foregoing cookies would have made today easier; however, I find that sometimes when I say “No” to the thing I really want it becomes my downfall. I realize I have some issues here, like why not just have one cookie, not three. The only thing I can say is at that moment looking through the glass the cookies got the better of me. My internal dialogue went like this:

I am ordering a cookie, I like the oatmeal, chocolate chip, and a candy chip. I want all three. How many points will that be? I went to Spin this morning, I can have three cookies.

My inner dialogue about food

I tracked the cookies as 14 sp. One choice leads to another, and now I only have 4 sp. left for dinner, but on WW that is doable. As I sit here snacking on vegetable sticks, I have decided what my dinner will be:

  • 2 cups Progresso Soup: Light Chicken Noodle 2 sp.
  • 2 oz Boars Head Ever Roast Chicken: 0 sp
  • 1 Josephs Flax Pita: 1 sp.
  • Green Salad with 30 ml Wishbone Light Italian Dressing: 1 sp.
The scale was there to measure the chicken, yes it was 0 sp.
but I wanted to be sure I had 2 oz.

I am trying to learn the give and take for control. That is something i’m going to be thinking about more in the future. Just think, if I lose weight this week, I will have done so with cookies in my life. That’s worth it to me. I am learning to co-exist with cookies.

Now, I also notice I had some stress today that impacted hunger cues. That could have added to my decision making today. It’s really all connected.

Workshop Wisdom…

Purposeful planning is what has been sticking with me all day. It was a topic of conversation this morning, and I think it’s a good subject for me to explore. Planning and control are a powerful combo. Knowing when and how to exercise control, and how to set up the environment to make weight loss goals doable is worth thinking about.

My vacation away was a good example of how to exercise control. I made an intentional choice to embrace experiences as they happened. I didn’t want to restrict myself; so, I didn’t say “No” to blueberry pie and ice cream (Oh yum, if you head up to Maine have some). I didn’t really want to worry about Wifi connections and take myself out of experiences so I could track all the food I ate. I wasn’t distracted by that internal dialogue about food that can take such a toll. Instead, I decided to feel free to and to be out in the world. I was completely present. These choices don’t make me a failure, I think they made me wise. I experienced it all, and I had so much fun.

Now, I’m home, and I have decided to totally embrace the plan in the same way that I was right before my trip. Before the trip, I had lost weight and felt like I had some momentum going. Now I feel ready to keep that going. I did gain this week, but not much and I’m fine with that. I am hoping I have a big loss next week, but either way, I’m good.

Purposeful planning has a lot to do with knowing yourself. An important question to ask, what do you need to be successful? Everything I need I can make happen:

  1. Buy a variety of foods that are prepped and ready to go.
  2. Keep a clean kitchen with easy access to containers and tools.
  3. Bedtime habits that ensure a good night’s sleep.
  4. Taking time to be active each day.
  5. Daily reflection or mediation that help keep me centered.

Think about how you can exercise control that gives you an advantage. Think about how you can take steps to implement some purposeful planning. This would be a very good start to achieve weight loss success. Think about who you are and what you really want. You are worth the work.