Day Twenty-Three…

It is my turn to post the #dailyjournalprompt. If you like to journal each day here is my prompt, Lost & Found:

Today was a good day on plan. I used 28 SmartPoints which isn’t too bad because today is also my 30th wedding anniversary. I was very careful to eat whole foods during the day: yogurt, fresh fruit, salad with chicken and balsamic dressing, grapes. That way I could still have a nice anniversary dinner and be on plan.

I believe I can do this. I am finding my way back, so far this week, I have used 30/27/28 SmartPoints, so I am dipping into my Weekly balances but that’s ok, that’s why they are there. I am tracking honestly, and I think I will see good results on the scale.

Day Thirty-Six…

Getting out of my head and into my body was just what was needed this morning. Spinning was amazing, and by the end of the class, I was feeling really good.  It was an excellent day on plan. I used 25 SmartPoints and I have 29 Weeklies in the bank. I noticed I earned an extra FitPoint for spin class, so I guess that has to do with how #WW recalibrated those. It doesn’t really matter because I don’t convert those into points to use for food. It’s the collecting of the points that I enjoy. Each week I set a FitPoints goal and that helps me to keep on track with activity.

So I saw these quotes on #Connect and I found them to be very inspiring:

This is a journey of personal growth. My physical transformation is the result of a mental transformation. Some people don’t seem to understand this they look at me with wonderment and ask, “How did you do it?” It all begins with mindset and belief. I know I can do this, and that’s how I’m doing it. It has to be doing because I think this is a goal without a destination, it is a journey of becoming.