Change is Possible…

Every week I learn so much as I listen to other WW members reflect on their journeys. I’m thinking about a reflection a member shared that really inspired me, she realized she was not truly following WW’s plan because she was being too rigid. She was not making allowances for special occasions, she had banned certain food choices, she was living her life as if she were on a diet. I was so inspire d by her realization and insight.

WW is a program that helps members reshape their relationship with food. In order to do that, we have to learn and grow. Now I’m wondering what my next big learning will be. I am tracking, I am cooking healthy food, I am packing my lunch, I am eating breakfast at home, I am meeting (and exceeding) my fitness goals. There are areas where I could improve. I could be more mindful, and I have to get snacking under control, and my tracking could be tighter, and bedtime continues to be a goal is to work on because I really think I need more sleep. I think it’s very important to pick one goal at a time. This week, I’m learning how to reflect rather than react. My goal is to think through my choices before I make them. I will stop, think, breathe, act. Just taking that minute to think things through would be a mighty accomplishment. Sometimes in the moment it’s difficult to exercise that kind of control. I think I’m going to make a sign and leave it out to remind me of what I want to do in the heat of a moment it may make a difference.

I do think this is a cool picture.

I’m glad I walked myself through my goal for this week. It’s only Monday, and I think it’s going to be a strong week for me. Of course I’d like a big number moving in the right direction on the scale, However, what I’m really after is a big insight for my own process for weight loss and better health. More tomorrow.

For Keeps…

Change takes time. The decision to make health and wellness a priority may be building up over time, until one day, BAM! You decide, I’ve had enough, it’s time to make a change. That rush of motivation is like adrenaline that ignites inner motivation to take action. It’s harder to hold onto that focused effort for the long term.

It’s all about the energy you’re willing to reserve for the journey. Finding things that inspire helps, a favorite song, something beautiful in the natural world, a favorite outfit, it can be anything so long as it makes you feel good. Filling yourself up with the things you love helps to draw in the positive energy that helps us all to make better choices along the way.

I love this song so much xo

Today was a hard day, I’m transitioning back to work, and while I get a lot of personal satisfaction from work, I’m sad to be losing this intimate time with my family. My son is growing up, and changes are on the horizon. It’s so easy to lose yourself and health and wellness require attention. If I want to make these positive changes to my life for keeps, I have to find ways to set aside some of that love and care I feel for everyone else for me too.

Day Thirteen…

It’s so easy to get lost in weakness and to focus on my mistakes. If I’m not careful, I can narrow my focus to see all my negative choices while taking for granted all the work that has gone into this journey. I can fool myself to think that my weight loss success just happened and was not the product of deliberate work, that was crafted through great care and dedication. But I know the truth, this healthy lifestyle is the result of years of ongoing effort.

Success happens one meal at a time. 3 sp.

I was revisiting some words of wisdom to look for encouragement. These words resonated with me today, I think it’s just what I needed to read:

Life is miraculous and it’s so important to remember that we are all sacred beings whose very existence is an extension of grace and love. How can I improve my health and wellbeing if I believe I am am worthy of positive change? I begin the road to change by honoring and loving myself. I hope you will do the same.

A Chance to Change…

If given a choice, would it be better to change or stay the same? Sometimes change can be completely daunting. It implies more work, it can make people feel unsure if they are up to the challenges change may bring. Change is a departure from what is known to a more uncertain future.

A chance to change is also an incredible opportunity. In many ways change is a gift that has the potential to redefine life itself. Change is the stuff of growth, it reveals inner strength and flexibility. Change flips old habits into better routines. Change is the very thing that can boost our relationship with ourselves and each other.

Weight loss, careers, relationships all of these things can rest on a chance to change. The most reassuring thing I can share is that the choice is up to us. Will you change your life? Or, will you embrace your life as it is now? I am voting for change. I’m going to remind myself to work from a positive spirit, to celebrate what is good about me so I may aspire to be more than I am now. Change, it’s scary but it’s also wonderful.