Thank you…

The human body is made up of complex systems. It is said that there are 86 BILLION neurons in the brain. Your body is a highly connected structure made up of organic molecules interacting within cells, hooking into tissues connected to organs. All of these systems are interconnected, all working together in harmony. Amazing.

Yet so many of us who are actively trying to lose weight take our bodies for granted. It’s easy to forget to be grateful for what we already have. So often, many of us are self-critical and sometimes even feel loathsome about our outward appearance to others.

So for today, I took a long look in the mirror. I took in my form and thought about all the things my body does for me. I said, “Thank you, for letting me move in the world. Thank you, for letting me spin and dance (albeit without any sense of rhythm). Thank you, for letting me hug those I love. Even if it’s not forever, I am so grateful for what my body can do today.

I truly feel better about myself. Now, the journey continues with a refreshed sense of deep gratitude and self-love. Thank you, readers, for coming on this journey with me. Onward!


Weight loss is like a current in the ocean. It rises and falls… sorry I couldn’t resist! Just the same, I do believe weight is a fluid thing because I have found that my body weight is not static. Water retention, exercise, and so on all have an impact. It is sort of silly to be so uptight about being .4 up then down .6 the following week. One week I lost 1.4 pounds the next I gained .4 pounds. This doesn’t mean I’m losing my focus it means I’m on maintenance. I am learning to maintain a healthy body weight.

I think that for many years, I lived in more my head than in my body. Maybe, I was not mindful about my body because I felt inadequate. Maybe, it was because I was not a priority back then, my schooling was and then it was managing my life as a mother of young children. After that, the next big thing was landing a teaching job. When I think back on that time I realize I took my body for granted. In doing so, I missed out on a lot of years of good health and I made things more difficult for myself.

I couldn’t go on that way forever; fortunately, I woke up to the truth. While there are many things that are out of my control, I can still decide to do what’s best for me. Doing what’s best for me, doesn’t make me selfish. It took a while to get that, it makes me self-aware. My next goal is to learn how to be more present in my mind, body, and spirit.