What Superhero’s Know…

I woke up this morning and thought, “If I were a superhero, what would my powers be? “

  1. Bounce Back: I am resilient, no matter what life sends me I keep at it and figure out ways to recover after setbacks.
  2. Mindset Maneuvers: I am self aware of the importance of mindset and am able to make critical adjustments when needed.
  3. Insight Initiator: I value the wisdom of others, and I want to give back wisdom whenever I can. I’m stronger with my community.
  4. Longevity Learning: I value continued education (in all aspects of life) and I experience real joy when I’m learning something new and I apply my learning to my life.
  5. Opportunity Opener: I actively look for opportunities in life. I find examples of beauty in the everyday. If I think of things I am always able to feel a sense of gratitude for the things I already have.
Believe it…

Blogging is a funny thing. It captures the writer’s voice over time, it’s a glimpse into the writer’s day-to-day life. I received a notification that a reader “liked” this post: Day Three Hundred-Fifty. I wrote this post almost exactly a year ago. As I read my own words back to myself, it was though I was reliving past motivation.

It’s no secret I’ve been traveling a rocky road in terms of weight loss and maintenance for a while. Now more than ever, I feel as though I’m at a crossroad in my journey. I feel as if, now is the critical moment, the choices I made now will set a course for my mission’s success or failure. That is certainly the way it works in the movies, but… real life isn’t a movie and my choices are not that simple. It’s not one choice I have to make but a myriad of choices everyday, over time that make the difference when it comes to weight loss. Despite this daunting truth, I have decided that I am going to be my own real life superhero.

I am going to believe that I am stronger than I think I am right now and I’m going to keep going. I will crush it one choice at a time. Join me, suit up and tap into your inner strengths. We can do this.

A Chance to Change…

If given a choice, would it be better to change or stay the same? Sometimes change can be completely daunting. It implies more work, it can make people feel unsure if they are up to the challenges change may bring. Change is a departure from what is known to a more uncertain future.

A chance to change is also an incredible opportunity. In many ways change is a gift that has the potential to redefine life itself. Change is the stuff of growth, it reveals inner strength and flexibility. Change flips old habits into better routines. Change is the very thing that can boost our relationship with ourselves and each other.

Weight loss, careers, relationships all of these things can rest on a chance to change. The most reassuring thing I can share is that the choice is up to us. Will you change your life? Or, will you embrace your life as it is now? I am voting for change. I’m going to remind myself to work from a positive spirit, to celebrate what is good about me so I may aspire to be more than I am now. Change, it’s scary but it’s also wonderful.

Keeping the Faith…

One definition of faith is “to have complete trust and confidence in someone or something”. Another is “to have allegiance to duty or a person, or fidelity”. Perhaps my favorite definition, “something that is believed especially with strong conviction”. This may sound bold, but I have faith in myself.

Trust & Confidence

I trust that I know what to do. I have confidence in myself because I have proven that I know how to make the WW process work for me.

Allegiance & Fidelity

If I can’t have allegiance to myself how can I dedicate myself to anything? My fidelity is for my good health, and I am worth all of this effort and attention.

Belief & Conviction

The story I tell myself wraps up my beliefs. So, I am telling myself a story of success because I am convinced that I can make that story happen.

I tell you this, because I want you to know that that words really matter. Every day we are writing a story. Will your story be one of success? Will your story be one of defeat? Only you get to decide. It’s not that it will be easy but it can be done and you really do get to decide.