Boo, Gobble, Ho…

The holidays are extremely challenging when it comes to weight loss efforts. There is so much great food around, that staying on plan becomes difficult. Right now, in my kitchen there is a lovely apple pie and sitting in my freezer is a full tub of creamy full-fat vanilla ice cream. I am going to a family function tomorrow and this is my contribution ( I’m also bringing fresh fruit salad).

Something is working though, because I am down another 1.4 pounds! This is the fourth week in a row that I have gone down on the scale. Down, during a time of year when I usually go up. My WW coach refers to this time of year as the Bermuda Triangle, the time between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays. So actually experiencing success right now is especially sweet.

I’m doing this, 100% I’m in it to get results and it’s working, and that’s just what I wanted this year.

Mind Over Cookies…

Since it’s the day before holiday recess, I attended a nice festive breakfast during a meeting today. There was a great healthy option, Fage Fat Free Greek Yogurt with a nice fruit salad. It was really delicious. One of my friends had baked homemade cookies, and I decided that I would eat three (seriously they were tiny bite sized cookies). They were also delightful. Then I looked across the table at some bakery cookies that were cut up into wedges. Before I knew it, I kept looking at them, and all of a sudden I recognized what was happening, the want was back!

The only difference is something amazing happened, once I recognized it – it was quickly diminished. It was kind of freakish, it just went away. Maybe I’ve learned something extremely helpful through my challenging day yesterday. Not only didn’t I eat more cookies I said, “No thank you” to all of these foods:

I am thinking about my WW workshop tomorrow. I did not make my goal to get more sleep and activity. I think my time away from school will help me get my activity mojo going. I’m not giving up on that goal, I just need some more time to make it happen. I do think I’ll go down on the scale, but if I don’t I will try not to be discouraged because really, I’m proud of myself either way.


We hit the road and are officially on vacation. Driving down ribbons of highways, my first impression of Maine is that it is very remote, wild, and beautiful.

I made some healthy food choices for the car ride, but blew all my SmartPoints on ice cream (that was totally worth it) later on.

It wouldn’t be Maine without a nice lobster dinner. So we ate at a restaurant called C-Ray Lobster it is a family owned, roadside experience, and if you’re going to Bar Harbor, you’ll have a nice time and eat some delicious lobster!

I plan on doing whatever I want but holding myself accountable to tracking. I ended the day using 37 SmartPoints (29 of them was for the ice cream but again, so worth it). No pictures to share of that, but I’m sure we will go back.

Day Nineteen…

I am down 2.2 pounds! This is pretty exciting since I weighed in three days early. I am taking a trip this week, and so I made it a point to get to a WW studio this morning. Finally, some traction! Fresh starts, can be especially challenging when it comes to long lasting routines, and sometimes you’ve just got to shake it up.

Preparing food and thinking ahead feels like control. I have decided I’m going just embrace that good feeling and make the most of it. Who knows why it took so long to get my rhythm back, the thing that matters is that I didn’t give up. As I read that last sentence back, I realize that sounds trite, but it’s the truth. It really would have been easy to keep sliding backwards. The horrible truth about that is each slide back makes it a little bit harder to get back on track.

So think about what you can do to help yourself. Here are some options:

  1. Clean out your kitchen, and get rid of unhelpful foods.
  2. Decorate your dining area with something you enjoy. Fresh flowers, new placemats, or glassware can make it so pleasant.
  3. Burn some fragrant candles like apple, peppermint, or citrus that make you feel good.
  4. Get some fun containers, use your fancy bowls and put healthy food choices where you will see them first.
  5. Leave some “love notes” to yourself reminding you how everything you are doing is to reach your goals.
  6. Try something new: fruit, vegetables, recipe, and eat mindfully really experiencing it. What did you like? What didn’t you like?
  7. Write out the SmartPoints values on single servings.
  8. Mix and match your snacks. Like have a cup of cherries with 1/3 cup of pistachios a nice sweet and salty snack for 3 sp.
  9. Get a variety of seltzer water flavors squeeze some lemon, lime, pineapple or orange slices to make a colorful and refreshing drink to sip on during these warm summer months.
  10. Wind down at the end of the day with a nice cup of soothing hot tea. It will take some time to drink and you can use that time to do something relaxing that you enjoy

Keep working on you. Don’t give up even if you’re having a rough time. If you’re on an upswing, help someone out by lending them some of your strength. Be good to yourself, and be good to others. You got this.