Watching the Sunset

Perspective is a funny thing, it shapes life in ways that may be invisible to the one who sees it. It can influence the point of view in ways that are far-reaching and even mysterious. Picture a sunset in your mind. What do you see? Where I live the sun will set tonight at 7:52 pm est. Since I live in Long Island I associate sunsets with beaches and suburbia. If you live somewhere tropical, what with the heat of the day and heavy humidity, you might think of disarming, vivid colors. While another person living in the mountains might think of the sun setting amidst the peaks and valleys, with its light sliding down a slope of trees and rock. An urban sunset is so very different than a pastoral setting. Even though it’s the same sunset it is experienced so differently depending on where you are in the world in the moment.

Sometimes (as it did tonight) this is what the sunset looks like. The thing is the sun is still setting even if we can’t see it happening.

Your progress on your weight loss journey is dependent on where you are in the world right now. How you see it is influenced by what you know – and we all know the stories we tell ourselves are quite powerful. If your weight loss journey is kind of a bummer, because of how you’ve always seen things. Change your perspective, and tell yourself a new story.

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