Permission to Live in the “Good”

Today is a day to just appreciate everything that is “good”. It doesn’t matter what it is or if it is even connected to your weight loss journey. Allow yourself to let go of all the worry, disappointment, or frustration you might be feeling and just revel in the “good”. Take a moment to write a list, draw a sketch or just contemplate in your mind all the things that are good in this life:

  • The sun was out and it was a beautiful day
  • I am breathing the air, and I am out in the world.
  • My repair on my car was reasonable!
  • I have meaningful work to do that benefits others.
  • I love my husband maybe even more than I did when we first got married
  • I love my kids, they are really good people who make this world better.
  • I had amazing parents, who have left an indelible positive mark on my life.
  • My parents gave me the gift of a lifetime, my brothers and sister, I love them.

For today, just be grateful for everything you have been blessed to have received.

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