The Ice Cream Effect

I read this article in the Atlantic today called, NUTRITION SCIENCE’S MOST PREPOSTEROUS RESULT, which proves (much to the dismay of many Dieticians) that there is significant scientific evidence that eating a half cup of ice cream a day yields extremely positive effects on our health. Watch this interview with author, David Johns on MSNBC for a good synopsis of the article:

I am not suggesting that for the sake of your health, you need to go out right now and indulge in a three-scoop Friendly’s Orginal Sunday… (these were oh so good!) To be clear, a half cup of ice cream looks like this:

Thanks to: Eating Made Easy for this great comparison

I’m suggesting that there are a lot of widely held beliefs out there that can be very discouraging for people on a weight loss journey. Stick to what’s working, and keep an open mind to new thinking, even when that thinking challenges the status quo. Sometimes when something sounds too good to be true – it is actually true.

One thought on “The Ice Cream Effect

  1. Clever! If I were to make sense of this, I might say that enjoying a treat in moderation helps us to eat a diet that is healthy and avoids those urges that signal deprivation. Something to think about!! Thanks for the brain-tease!

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