Keep it Together

Has this ever happened to you on your weight loss journey? Things are going so well, the habits you’ve working to cultivate have become very sustainable. You’re working out on a regular basis and your energy levels are good. You are feeling fit and then, you catch yourself in a picture… You don’t look the same on the outside as you’re feeling on the inside. Then comes a huge disappointment. It’s true my weight loss journey is about wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, I want more energy and that is happening. It’s just that I also want to look physically fit. That takes a long time to show up. I’m not feeling defeated, I’m not going to quit, and I’m not even surprised. This blog is a place for my own honest reflections on how my journey is going. So just for tonight, I am feeling a bit down on myself. Tomorrow is a new day, and I am not deterred from my goal.

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