Be the Boss

Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack
I went out for a ride and I never went back
Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing
I took a wrong turn and I just kept going

Bruce Springsteen, Hungry Heart

Bruce sang me most of the way home as I thought about, What if I had a hungry heart instead of this hungry belly? One thing is for sure, things would be a lot worse! Now my wrong turn would only lead to the kitchen for snacks rather than ending a marriage. I changed the station to change the subject and settled into a conversation Beth Stern was having about her sugar cravings. I have to say, that made me feel a bit better, it helps to hear these stories because I am reminded that I’m not alone. I am seriously hungry today, and it’s no fun at all.

There hasn’t been a hungry day in a long while. Now I’m sipping water, and reflecting on what happened that might have brought it on I ate breakfast, packed lunch, and ate a 100-calorie bag of almonds on my ride home. Before work, I fit in a Peloton class and accidentally left my big water bottle at home. This could have been a contributing factor. Sometimes working out in the morning gives me a bigger appetite. There were also some frustrating conversations during the day – frustration can be a cue for hunger. It wasn’t all bad, this hungry day also enabled me to have some small victories…

  1. got rid of all the candy leftovers in my classroom
  2. named the emotion I was experiencing at the moment
  3. took this pause to reflect and gain composure

So here is my advice to you – be like Bruce, be the boss. Take a beat to decide what happens next when it feels like you might lose control. Thinking it through helps to gain some perspective. Also, sometimes it helps to keep things light don’t take yourself too seriously – feelings pass. In the spirit of being the boss and keeping it light, here is my ridiculous song parody of Hungry Heart…

Got a pang in my empty belly Jack
I went out for some snacks, and I kept comin’ back
In the kitchen now I’m on a mission
Took a wrong turn time for a new decision

My Paraody 🙂

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One thought on “Be the Boss

  1. I have days like that. Sometimes my stomach is just screaming for “food” an hour after I’ve eaten a good lunch. Usually I need water.
    Some days it’s my brain and my mood. Rather than snap, I pause and examine what has put me in this mood.

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