From Believing to Belonging

It is safe to say that just about everyone on the planet knows weight loss (or maintaining weight loss) is hard. To be successful at this you have to believe in yourself. Say it out loud, “I believe I can do this.” Now, if you have a community of others who not only hear you but also hold the same beliefs in themselves, you are on your way to something very special.

So many of these posts have been dedicated to my Saturday morning Weight Watchers group. Each week, we get up so early (our group meets at 8:15 am) on a Saturday morning to go sit in a Moose Lodge because we all get so much out of it. We share, we learn, and we belong. So many people are wise and generous, compassionate, and really vested in each other’s progress.

How do you make healthy habits stick? One way to help healthy habits stick is to create a robust culture around weight loss, and that makes it super attractive. There are norms, we all count points, we all track our foods, we all weigh and measure portions, and we believe in being accountable by weighing in on a scale. We are a community of people who share these beliefs, and we support each other on the journey.

One reason I blog is to keep that community spark going from Saturday to Saturday. I want to make it a big tent and expand that community to anyone who cares to read these posts. You are not alone, you are one of us, and we can be there to help each other through the rough times, and to celebrate the many successes you are bound to have along the way. I’m so glad you’re here.

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