Don’t Pick

Today was a good day but it was not without some struggles:

  • Dave and I went out to lunch, and it was difficult to figure out the points.
  • I worked out and it felt good but it would have been better if it was longer.
  • There are still many cravings for different foods and they annoy me.

I am picking at some negativity, and it’s not all that helpful. But, it’s honest. Weight loss is a winding road, and sometimes it feels like it’s all uphill; but, I’m worth this effort. I hope you believe you are too.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Pick

  1. Maybe it was the weather… I had the same type of day. It felt frustrating – but no major damage done.
    Let’s hope that today the road is straight and clear without any speed bumps.

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  2. Yes, this is a daily struggle for me too. There’s always something that gets in my way…whether it’s a gathering with all the wrong foods or a moment of weakness, but we are worth the effort!

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