Preparing Room for Gratitude

There are so many things in this life to be grateful for and maybe, for you, it might be… health, stability, or family and friends. It might be smaller than that at any given moment… a sunny day after days of dreary clouds or a favorite song that happens along right when you needed that boost of energy. Think for a moment, what are you grateful for right now? Name it and allow yourself to acknowledge the comfort and well-being it brings you.

I write today with a grateful heart because I am part of a caring, and wise weight loss community. If you read my blog then you know that gratitude is a recurrent theme in my writing. For kicks, I went back in time (a blog is sort of like time travel) and I found my first post about gratitude. It was September 13, 2017. Back when I was numbering the days of the journey it was Day Eleven. I was eleven days into the weight loss journey that would eventually lead to my reaching, “Goal” and later, “Lifetime” status. I am inviting you to make some room for gratitude. Clear out the negative thoughts in your mind, and prepare a space for it that you can go to whenever you need.

Think of it like getting ready for the best kind of guest. The one who makes you remember who you really are, the one who reminds you of all the amazing things you’ve been able to accomplish. Gratitude will teach you all the ways you are extraordinarily blessed. Come with me, let’s do this journey together. We can do it and feel good about it along the way.

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