Who are you?

I am on my way to Ohio tomorrow, which means lots of consecutive days of eating out. At first, I had some concerns about it – but now I know it’s going to be ok. So, what changed? In the book, Atomic Habits, James Clear tells a story about a friend who wanted to improve her health, and as went about it, she asked herself, “What would a healthy person do?” Would a person concerned with her health take the stairs or ride the elevator? Then she would take the stairs. Eventually, she reached her goal.

How the heck would this really work? So at work today I ordered lunch out with some friends. As was scrolling through the menu, I thought – what would someone who cares about her health order? I ordered a Mexican salad with grilled chicken, hold the cheese, and I’ll have the dressing on the side with a flavored seltzer – thanks. It worked. Since I’m traveling tomorrow, I wasn’t going to cook dinner. and it worked again. I am in the blue zone. Amazing. Just try it for yourself.

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